I am a positive psychologist, transformational coach and freelance facilitator working in a variety of businesses across the globe. 

The world of work has been likened to a white water rafting experience and while some of us may love that past time it is perhaps not the healthiest way to experience our time at work. I am passionate about people and helping them thrive at work so that they can have energy left for their family and hobbies at home. 

Most of us have experienced stress personally or know someone who has. One in four of us will suffer from mental health issues.  For these reasons I am dedicated to helping people improve their wellbeing and resilience so they can be the best version of themself and bounce back from life’s challenges.

Are you looking to empower positive change in your organisation? Or are you facing personal challenges in your changing work environment? Whether you are a blue chip corporate, SME or an individual, Shona McFarlane can work with you to determine objectives and goals for success. Using a variety of techniques, she will motivate, energise and support you and your employees through the changes and challenges you are currently facing.

“Shona is an outstanding personal development coach and trainer, who works to the highest professional standards. Commanding, knowledgeable and impressive, Shona delivers results every time. She is dedicated to excellence, and invests heavily in her own professional development to ensure that she remains at the cutting edge of the latest coaching & personal development techniques. Highly recommended.”

MARILYN COMRIE, OBE, Global management consultant, trainer and executive coach highly experienced in Organisational Development & Marketing

Shona talks about how we can all learn happiness
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Shona McFarlane gained superb skills in leadership, business development, sales, customer service and management during a 17-year career working with blue chip organisations, before setting up her own thriving personal development company, Golden Egg Training, in 2002.

Since then she has designed, facilitated and delivered many corporate development courses for a wide range of clients, from SMEs to blue chips, and also coached many directors, executives, fast-track employees, high potential candidates and teams to achieve success in the challenging corporate world.

Shona is a professional, fully qualified coach, and invests in her own continual professional development. Her current qualifications are:

  • Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP 
  • Trainers Certificate
  • Graduate from the UK Coaching Academy
  • Belbin and DISC accredited   
  • Certificate in Training Design (CIPD)
  • Approved ILM and CMI trainer up to and including level 5
  • Membership of the CIPD, ITOL, ILM, CMI 
  • Gold Member of the Professional Guild of NLP



“I passionately believe that each human being is capable of amazing things – if they only realise it for themselves. Through coaching and inclusive facilitation, I consistently achieve breakthrough with clients and delegates as they begin to focus on what is truly possible for them individually and collectively. My goal is to make a difference to others – I want to help people realise they have a choice in life.”

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